She’s the real thing! Very thorough, patient, and flexible. A knowlegable and genuine healer who uses crystals, stones, tarot to heal and align chakras. I met her through a free reading as a complete skeptic, but she speaks the truth. She will not solve all of your problems; she is an honest healer who will do what she can—the rest is up to you. If you cannot put in the time and spirtual energy to heal yourself there’s only so much any one human can do anyway. Don’t expect any easy ride! I will be going for a second or third visit. Prices are reasonable for the healing services received. I’m incredibly grateful to have met her.

Galaxy Lucia

She is the real deal man she new things no one knew I started to cry she helped me recommend highly

Tiffany Michaels

I had a great reading .very accurate and details . Gave me Pacific time of a certain time in my life . And that was impossible to guess . Highly recommend . Found my psychic

Miriam Castelan

Great reading. I was able to get clarity on a lot of things in my life. Definitely recommend!

Morgan Rushin

So amazing. Highly recommend Bio Matt felt different next day. Priceless. Feeling

Bliss Eli

Very nice and patient clean environment. She was detailed on what I wanted to know. Help me out with making Choices. On things. Weighing out things.Prices for sessions are a little expensive for me. I did. 2.It was worth.

Angel Eli13

I had so much funnnnnn !!!! It’s a beautiful shop and the bio mate is amazing lots of great energy and she told me about my job and what I was confused about I recommend everyone needs to go!!!! Prices are great

ANthony Ellis

Completely amazing, spot on, going back for more!

Karrah Dillman

5 stars is best way to say how great it was

Eli V

She is very accurate and helpful to her advice

Ashley Byrnes

Thank you for your support and Cleaning my Energy I just want to say to every one things are so much better since then. I can sleep think and siegel great. Relationship between us my boyfriend is amazing Thank you

Jeanette Cherry

Crystal Energy Clairvoyant are dedicated to professionalism throughout our service, never settling for anything less than exceptional results and total customer satisfaction.